About us

Founded by Dr. Brian Nzano and Mr. David Kura, Boarnerges Cycling club is a growing community of Christian men, and cycling enthusiasts, brought together in the common pursuit of fitness, two-wheeled adventure and exploration of the beautiful country we call home in Uganda, and most importantly to fellowship over the all-important word of God our father in heaven!

Ours is a family of men, sons, brothers, grandsons (you get the picture!) who seek a) to grow in their Christian faith through fellowship and sharing the word of God, b) for shared wisdom for God-designed fatherhood and male role in our families and societies and c) to routinely ride away in pursuit of fitness across the beautiful landscape and terrains of Uganda.

Our Vision

To be an established network of responsible, Jesus-loving, God-fearing men in the communities of Kampala and Uganda.